Buy n Sell trading post

  • Remember, if you no longer need the item or its sold, make sure to contact the Trading post coordinator so it can be removed.


The current listing this month for SOVARC’s items are as follows:

Headphones (details unk)

Test meter (details unk)

Component tester (details unk)

Note:  Proceeds for these items go to the club treasury.
( Questions concerning these items can be directed to Ken Lanoue N1RZ )

Current listing of  – WANTED –

Looking for an AM loop antenna, the sort you would get when you purchase a  stereo / music system. If anyone has anything laying around extra in their
junk drawer let me know.

Steve Hearns – KA2PTE

 Current listing of  – FOR SALE –

SONY STR-D365  80W AM/FM Stereo receiver : $75.00 (Contact: Steve Hearns – KA2PTE)

AIWA  AV-D25 Pro Logic Surround Home Theater Stereo Receiver w/ Super T Bass  : $100.00 (Contact: Steve Hearns – KA2PTE)

S O N Y STR-DE445 AM/FM 5.1 channel 400 Watt Surround Receiver + Original Remote & batteries  : $95.00 (Contact: Steve Hearns – KA2PTE)


Unless otherwise posted, the guidelines for transactions are in the spirit of the traditional Amateur radio practice gentleman’s agreement. Make every effort
to ensure not only your experience , but those of others in the hobby, are also as enjoyable…and as the boy scouts say : “Be prepared”.