N1SP’s Trading post

Welcome to N1SP’s Trading post

NTE Electronics Antenna Rotor and Control Box- Light rotor perfect for UHF, VHF yagis. $25.


Allied (Radio Shack) SX190 HF/SW Receiver with matching speaker. Solid state, 1970’s vintage style rig (so fairly large by today’s standard). Good shape and works, but could use a basic alignment/ tune up. $30  

Micronta (Radio Shack) Benchtop Digital Multi Meter with swing out prop stand. Has diode and transistor tester, capacitance tester along with the usual multi meter functions. $10


Home Brew Power Supply- 5 amp, variable voltage. Good for test bench, QRP or HT power. $7


RCA 8 Ohm Speaker- Used this for years as my station speaker. Great fidelity and perfect size (7″tall, 4″ wide, 4.5″ deep). Black finish and super clean. Bought a matching speaker for my TS 2000 so now excess to my needs. $10


Two matching computer speakers (8.5 tall, 3.5 wide, 5″ deep) $5


Johnson Matchbox Tuner- 200 watt. Coax and balanced line tuner for 10 through 80 mtr. Really shines with balanced feedlines as it does not utilize a balun and therefore doesn’t experience the lose that typical modern trans-matches do. Vintage tuner from the 40’s/50’s. $100


Books for $3…
Antennas for Small Spaces
Hints and Kinks- 15th edition
WF1B QRP Design Book
Various Electronic Guitar, Amplifier, and Special Effects books.
Digital communications


Books for $5
VHF/UHF Handbook
ARRL Antenna Handbook-19th edition
ARRL Amateur Handbook- 19th edition


Antique ARRL Handbooks
1969- $10
1970- $10
1948- $20


2.5″ X 8″ Air Wound Coil $5

– Photos coming soon….

For more info, email randyn1sp@gmail.com